Kroger believes that no matter who you are or how you like to shop, everyone deserves affordable, easy-to-enjoy, fresh food. As social media content designer, I am tasked with facilitating both photo and video shoots, leading brainstorm sessions for seasonal and reactive content, and working with my team to create approachable, fun, and eye-catching digital materials for one of the world's largest retailers across social media and web platforms.
Mythical Kitchen "Kid's Holiday Kitchen" Collaboration
National Sandwich Day "Sandwich Every Meal" Pinterest Series
Pi Day Instagram Story
Lunchmeat Inspiration Shoot
Kroger Health "Eat The Rainbow" Carousel
Kroger Health "Immune System Supporters" Carousel
Kroger Health "Nighttime Noshes" Carousel
"Purr-fect Fall Formula" Carousel
Various Instagram In-Feed Content
Animated Instagram Story Advertisements
Screen-printed Tote Bags
Reusable Shopping Bags

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