Game Day is a marketing and PR firm located in Cincinnati, OH. While small in size, Game Day partners with some of the biggest brands and events in Cincy. When I started with the company in 2018, we discussed wanting to rebrand the company to be more modern and speak to more broad range of clients.
We want to represent our motto, "every brand has a game day."
We dropped "communications" from the end of the name so we didn't put ourselves in a box by defining (and limiting) who we are and what we do. I replaced the friendly fonts and "echo" icon for bolder, confident fonts and a modernized color palette. For a full transformation of the Game Day logo, check out this video.
I had a ton of fun with this project and I am happy to say that the fresh visual identity has been extremely successful in helping bring new clients in the door who have the big ideas that match their new look.

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